NHL Draft Averages 1.7 Million Viewers In North America

29 Jun

The NHL Draft posted big gains for TSN, RDS and Versus.

To no one’s surprise, the NHL Draft posted massive gains in viewership across North America.  According to Puck The Media, Versus averaged 246,000 viewers for the 2011 Draft.  That’s a gain of 45,000 viewers from last year’s draft.  While Versus had a nice gain, TSN’s gains were much more pronounced.  TSN announced record ratings, peaking at 2.1 million viewers. They averaged 1.15 million viewers which was well over last year’s 745,000 viewers.  In addition, another 306,000 viewers were watching on TSN’s sister french language network, RDS.  When combining TSN’s peak viewership with the averages of RDS and Versus, you get an impressive total of 2,652,000 viewers. When combining the three networks’ averages, you end up with just over 1.7 million viewers.  While these are solid numbers when added together, they still can’t top the NBA Draft on ESPN.  This year’s NBA Draft set a new ESPN record, averaging over 3 million viewers.

Just to update this post, I am adding the NFL Draft ratings for comparisons sake.  The 2011 NFL Draft saw a ratings decline but still had a combined 7 million viewers between ESPN and The NFL Network in the US. The 2010 NFL Draft had 8.3 million viewers. I’m trying to get some MLB Draft ratings, but I have yet to attain any.  

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