Marek Leaves CBC – UPDATED JULY 6

01 Jul

Amidst all the chaos of Free Agent Frenzy, a little news has broken quietly.  CBC’s Jeff Marek is departing from Hockey Night in Canada.  Marek was instrumental in HNIC’s new media efforts.  Between his Tweeting, and his work with the i-DESK, Marek was part of a new generation for the venerable program.  While the i-DESK feature was often criticized, once by Don Cherry on the air, Marek was a perfect fit for the job and certainly boosted HNIC’s online profile.  In addition to his tv and social media work, Marek was the host of the HNIC Radio program on Sirius Canada.

Speculation has centered on Marek going to Rogers Sportsnet and perhaps joining their Toronto radio station, Fan 590.  Andrew Krystal recently departed the station so they are looking for some help. It’s an odd time to make the announcement being late on a Friday and during one of the NHL’s busiest days but perhaps his deal ended on July 1 making him a free agent just like the UFA NHLers. Regardless, I doubt that Marek will be on the free agent list long.  I wish him good luck and thanks for all of his great work with CBC.

UPDATE JULY 6 – Jeff Marek has confirmed that he’s joining Rogers Sportsnet.  In a tweet, Marek said the following – 

This morning I signed a deal to join Rogers Sportsnet to work in their hockey department on TV, radio and digital. Very excited about the opportunity to work with this great team.

3 responses to “Marek Leaves CBC – UPDATED JULY 6

  1. Marek the Maple Leaf

    October 1, 2011 at 1:32 pm

    He is the man I most desperately want to kick in the nuts.


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