Free Agent Frenzy TV Ratings

05 Jul

It’s a fact that Canada is crazy for hockey.  Ratings for Friday’s TSN2 Free Agent Frenzy broadcast helps prove that fact. According to ratings service BBM Canada, the broadcast averaged 215,000 viewers which is quite impressive when you consider it occurs on a holiday and the broadcast isn’t exactly the most exciting thing to watch.  The numbers also show that 1.2 million unique viewers watched the telecast at some point. The show peaked at 3:26 EST with 349,000 viewers. For comparison, the NHL Draft and the NHL Awards on Versus garnered average viewership that barely beats TSN2’s for Free Agent Frenzy.  TSN2’s coverage was up an impressive 82% from last year’s telecast.

In addition, TSN announced some stats for their website. had 500,000 video views on Friday with 70,000 watching the live stream of Free Agent Frenzy and another 90,000 participating in the live chat and live blog coverage.  There are no ratings available for the NHL Network in the United States as they are not rated by the Nielsen ratings service.


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