NEWS & NOTES: FS North to air “Becoming Wild” & Marek Joins Rogers

06 Jul

Inside access shows are all the rage these days and with good reason. Fox Sports North and the Minnesota Wild are jumping on the bandwagon with “Becoming Wild.” While the Wild website has been teasing the show for a few days, Mike Russo of the Star Tribune has found some more details on it. The series will be six parts with air dates throughout the summer.

It won’t be easy for the Wild to top “24/7” or “Oil Change” but this program will be a welcome sight for hockey fans during the warmer months. Like Oil Change, the shows will be available online. will show the full episodes and also offer some outtakes. For those with access to FS North, the series premieres on Friday night. The Wild have been among the most active teams so far this summer with a new head coach and major trades so there will be plenty of interesting content to sift through for the producers.

Sources and more info:

Wild reality show coming to Fox Sports North |


In more news, Jeff Marek has confirmed today that he’s joining Rogers Sportsnet in several different capacities. Marek makes his Rogers debut as a guest on Prime Time Sports later today. In a tweet, Marek said the following –

This morning I signed a deal to join Rogers Sportsnet to work in their hockey department on TV, radio and digital. Very excited about the opportunity to work with this great team.

For our previous report on Marek’s move check out the following link.


One response to “NEWS & NOTES: FS North to air “Becoming Wild” & Marek Joins Rogers

  1. Marek the Maple Leaf

    October 1, 2011 at 1:34 pm

    Jeff Marek better realize that the Vancouver Canucks and Rogers Sportsnet are partners.

    Saying things like “Thank God Boston won the Stanley Cup” may very end his carreer before it starts.

    Yes Mr. Marek the comment has been forwarded to your boss Mike Gillis.
    I’m quite certain he’s going to be thrilled about your enthusiasm for America and the Boston area.


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