NESN’s Tappen Headed to NHL Network?

09 Jul

Via a Fang’s Bites tweet, I found this interesting article. The Boston Globe article is about the rivalry between New England RSN’s NESN and Comcast Sportsnet New England and there’s some good stuff about coverage of the Bruins’ Stanley Cup victory. Buried in the article is a very intriguing note for hockey fans –

Bruins studio anchor Kathryn Tappen is expected to depart for the NHL Network in the next couple of weeks; according to an industry source, former Bruins play-by-play voice Dale Arnold is a candidate to replace her.

Tappen’s addition to NHL Network would be welcomed with open arms. Tappen is a terrific anchor and does a great job keeping the NESN crew of loose cannons all together.  Just as quickly as she arrives, Tappen would become one of the network’s best personalities.  As it currently stands, most of NHL Network’s hosts are either borrowed from MSG or brought in by TSN.  Tappen would be one of the first brought in by the new regime at the network which has promised big changes.  So far, they have been a little underwhelming but perhaps this is a sign of better things to come.

For Arnold, this would be a good opportunity to return to hockey.  Arnold previously handled home games for the Bruins while juggling duties as a WEEI sports radio talk show co-host.  NESN decided to go with one play by play man and Arnold was on the outside looking in.  His radio gig caused conflicts which would’ve been hard to overcome while traveling on the road with the Bruins which may have been a factor.  He later did some part-time work with the Red Sox and recently moved from the weekday radio show to a Sunday morning slot.


NESN, CSNNE are battling it out for viewers – The Boston Globe.


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