Loubardias Out in Calgary – Confirmed

14 Jul

The Toronto Sports Media Blog has been breaking quite a bit of news the last few weeks and they have some more out there tonight. Their sources tell them that Rogers Sportsnet play by play man Peter Loubardias is being let go. Loubardias handles the CHL Memorial Cup for the network in addition to his regional duties as the TV voice of the Calgary Flames.  It’s too early to know if this means that Loubardias is out when it comes to both jobs or if he will just be handling one as nothing has been confirmed by the Rogers camp. Either way, it would be the latest in several recent changes at Sportsnet including the hiring of Jeff Marek.  Loubardias has often been criticized for his voice, goal call, and his trademark “some kind of…” line.  While I originally fell in that category, I had grown to enjoy Peter’s call and he certainly knows his hockey.  It will be interesting to see where this leads in Calgary and what else Rogers has planned in the future to better compete with TSN.

UPDATE 1 JULY 14: Rogers officials have confirmed that Loubardias is out.  They declined any further comment as to whether Loubardias was fired, his contract was up or if he left on his own terms. The Calgary Herald’s Vicki Hall tweeted that Peter had been fired, but that has yet to be confirmed outside of her tweet. Rogers did not mention any possible candidates for the Calgary job.  Speculation has former Flames PPV voice Rob Kerr as one of the candidates to replace Loubardias.  

UPDATE 2 JULY 15: The Herald’s Hall interviewed Loubardias for today’s paper.  It’s a hard story to read but well worth it.


Changes At Sportsnet? | Toronto Sports Media Blog.


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