NHL Beer Battle To Continue?

15 Jul

When the Ontario Court of Appeal sided with the NHL and MolsonCoors in their dispute with Labatt earlier this week, many thought that was the end.  As I posted then, it was possible that Labatt could still fight this and it appears that they will.  This morning, we have this tweet coming in from CBC’s Elliote Friedman –

This beer war won’t end. Labatt’s to announce it is going back to Ontario Superior Court in an attempt to regain control of NHL rights.

Needless to say, this continues to be a thorn in the NHL’s side.  For NHL media rights holders, this has the potential to hurt because the new Molson contract guaranteed $100 million in ad buys over the 7 year contract. The current beer sponsor deals do not even come close to that.  So for now, it appears that this deal is still at a standstill and the league and Molson can’t make any firm marketing plans for the rapidly upcoming season.

Our previous stories on the NHL beer war –

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