Who’s Gonna Fill Their Shoes?

22 Jul

With Mike Emrick and Dave Strader giving up their regional gigs, there are a couple of big job openings out there.  Both are among the biggest names in the business so it won’t be easy for whomever takes over for them.  In the case of the Phoenix Coyotes, the team is in charge of filling the job, while for the New Jersey Devils, MSG will primarily be handling the search. Today, we look at some of the candidates. There’s no guarantee that any of these guys will get any of the open jobs out there but they are good possibilities.  They are names to keep in mind and it wouldn’t surprise me to see any of them fill the openings and at the very least you will likely be hearing more about them in the future.

Steve Cangialosi- He’s the Devils MSG host and reporter and has already been Doc’s fill-in.  He’s an obvioius choice since he’s comfortable with the team.  He’s improved year after year and may be ready to get a shot.

Kenny Albert- He already works for MSG as the Rangers’ radio voice.  He also has a full plate with his national broadcasting gigs.  That said, he’s a big name and would help keep Devils games a premier broadcast.

John Giannone- Another MSG employee, he’s filled in for Sam Rosen in the past.  He’s not as polished as Cangialosi but he’s put in his time with the network and he lives in New Jersey.  Maybe he wants to work for “Jersey’s Team.”

Matt Loughlin- The Devils’ radio man has also filled in for Doc in the past.  He’s fairly popular and previously had Cangialosi’s reporting job.  Might be the easiest transition of any of the other MSG/Devils employees.

Matt McConnell, Dan Kamal- Former Thrashers voices looking for work.  McConnell has worked on a national stage before so he’s pretty well known.  Kamal has a pretty loyal following but he was under in the radar in Atlanta so most people aren’t familiar with him.

Dan Duva, Josh Heller- The Devils’ minor league broadcasters.  Duva is now without a job with the Trenton team folding.  He has very little experience.  Heller formerly worked for Toledo and South Carolina in the ECHL.

Doug McLeod- If the Coyotes want a blast from the past, McLeod would be that guy.  He left the Yotes in 2002 to take a job with the Avs.  He was fired after working a handful of games for the Avs and now works in marketing.

Bob Heethuis- The Yotes’ radio voice.  He has been with the Yotes for over a decade in various capacities and has lots of experience calling games on a minor league level.  It might be time for another promotion.

Dan Weiss- The voice of the San Antonio Rampage.  The Rampage are no longer the Yotes’ AHL affiliate but he’s familiar with their prospects.  He’s popular and has a loyal following on Twitter.

Curt Keilback- Worked for the Yotes/Jets franchise for decades.  Ended up being let go with some controversy is now angling to work in Winnipeg once again.

Todd Walsh- Works as host for Coyotes broadcasts.  He has little experience calling hockey games.  Also juggles reporting gigs on FS Arizona for the Diamondbacks.

Peter Loubardias- Just lost his Rogers/Calgary Flames gig.  Is somewhat controversial, but he’s high profile and one of the most knowledgable people about hockey.

Gary Thorne- A true wild card.  Former Devils voice but ESPN and baseball are his current priorities.

Paul Hamilton, Dan Dunleavy- A couple of radio guys.  Hamilton works in Buffalo and has worked a few Sabres games.  With Kevin Sylvester getting the part-time Sabres PXP job, he may be looking to go somewhere else. Dunleavy works in Toronto and was a candidate to replace Loubardias.  He’s best known for calling the Olympics and the World Junior Hockey Championships on The Fan radio network across Canada.


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