Versus To Be Re-Branded As NBC Sports Network

01 Aug

Several media outlets are reporting that Versus will be re-named the NBC Sports Network. The move has been widely expected and as previously reported, the changeover won’t happen until January 2012. The January 2 name change coincides with NBC’s Winter Classic telecast.

The next step will be creating a comprehensive marketing plan to promote the new network. Fans should expect to see plenty of advertising to promote the new image during Versus’ telecasts and on Comcast’s regional sports networks. It was expected that the regional Comcast SportsNets would be renamed with “NBC Sports” replacing the Comcast brand as the RSN’s are now also under NBC Sports management but that no longer appears to be the case.  Instead, NBC may share graphics and presentation features with CSN keeping the Comcast branding.

The new NBC Sports Network logo can be seen above. All I can say about that is meh. It still looks like something from the past. The NBC Sports branding has been dated for years and this new logo doesn’t really change that. Outside of a slight change in the font, it’s largely the same as the current NBC Sports brand. Personally, I was hoping for a better update similar to how CBS Sports has created a modern look for their identity. I’m sure something a little more modern could’ve been used with the iconic peacock. This one largely fails and the Versus logo actually looks much more current.


Versus set to become the NBC Sports Network –


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