NOTES: More on NBC Sports Network, MacT Gets A Job & The End of Puck Daddy Radio?

02 Aug

It’s the day after NBC’s big Versus announcement and there’s still plenty coming out about it.  Variety has a great article out this morning.  There’s some news in it when it comes to the NBCSN’s future programming –

Further taking advantage of the NFL’s popularity, the NBC Sports Network will launch studio show “NFL Turning Point” — an analysis of the previous week’s games. Show will air at 6 p.m. weekly.

While it’s only weekly programming, any new original programming is welcomed since the current Versus is sorely lacking in that area.   The Variety article also mentions that the PGA Tour will be up for bidding shortly. There’s a long ways to go to make NBCSN a credible sports channel but it seems to be on the right track.

Somewhat lost in the NBC rebranding plans was the announcement that Comcast SportsNet isn’t changing.  It had been reported many times that CSN was going to be folded in with NBC but that isn’t going to happen in the near term.  Dick Ebersol was behind the CSN changes but with him gone, perhaps that went out the window.  Comcast has image problems but their RSN’s are tightly intertwined with the cable company making it harder to separate them.  Another issue is that many of the CSN stations have multiple owners varying from sports teams to other media companies.  I wouldn’t rule out a name change in the future for CSN, but for now, there’s no reason that they can’t just share some graphics and do some heavy cross promoting.

We also have this YouTube interview from NBCUniversal Direct.  The interview features NBC Sports Chairman Mark Lazarus talking about the branding changes that are on the way and the new logos.


TSN recently added a new insider but they have now lost a studio analyst.  As expected, Craig MacTavish has been named as the head coach of the AHL’s Chicago Wolves.  This leaves TSN with a couple of big holes as Pierre McGuire has also yet to be replaced.


There’s some news in the radio world this morning.  Radio company Westwood One is merging with competitor Dial Global.  Westwood One is a powerhouse in the world of live sports programming and formerly held the national broadcasting rights to NHL Radio.  The NHL currently lacks a terrestrial radio partner as their only deal is with SiriusXM Satellite Radio.

Speaking of SiriusXM, the merger of the two services in Canada could mean the end of The Score Radio station according to the Toronto Sports Media Blog.  The Score Radio features the popular Puck Daddy Radio program hosted by Yahoo! Sports hockey blogger Greg Wyshynski and The Score personality Rob Pizzo. According to TSM, even the Score’s own personalities are still in the dark about the pending changes.  We shall see what happens.

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