The Score Radio To Go Silent On Sept. 1

03 Aug

As we mentioned earlier, it appeared that The Score Radio on Sirius Canada was going off the air. The folks at The Score have now confirmed it and September 1 will be their last day. That leaves Puck Daddy Radio in limbo. Greg Wyshynski was kind enough to link to our prior post and this is what he wrote in response-

As some of you have noted on Twitter and email, The Score has been apparently dropped by Sirius. What this means for Puck Daddy Radio next season, we’ve got no idea yet, but we’ll keep you updated. As you may have heard, these are exciting times for Yahoo! and radio. Heck, we’re takin’ on ESPN!

Wysh makes a great point that Yahoo! is now in the radio business. They have replaced the Sporting News brand on David Gow’s syndicated sports radio network. The partnership is expected to feature Yahoo’s stable of writers on a regular basis. Perhaps PD Radio can continue in some form as it was quite popular with hockey fans and both Wysh and Rob Pizzo have stated a desire to continue to do it. Good luck to both of them and to all of the folks at The Score.

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Posted by on August 3, 2011 in NHL, Radio


One response to “The Score Radio To Go Silent On Sept. 1

  1. jg

    August 16, 2011 at 3:39 am

    Thats sad to hear. Ever since Richard Garner, Sarah Meehan and Gabe left, there was no charisma.


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