Notes: Pens Keep Broadcasters & JR Signs For 5

19 Aug

It’s the day after the television schedules were releases so now, I’ll get back to mentioning a few broadcasting notes from the past couple of days.


The Pittsburgh Penguins broadcast team of Paul Steigerwald and Bob Errey aren’t exactly popular around the league but they will be returning after signing new multi-year contracts. There had been rumors since the end of the season about the status of the pair but apparently Root didn’t actively search for replacements. The Post-Gazette also reports that Root Sports Pittsburgh will also have a new visual look. Root is currently using the old Fox Sports Net graphics dating back to when the network was FSN Pittsburgh. The new look is much needed and should be a good upgrade to Pens telecasts.


Jeremy Roenick was a great addition to Versus last season and it appears that we will only be seeing more of him in the near future. In a Globe and Mail story by James Mirtle, it’s reported that JR has signed a new five year contract with NBC. The story goes on to ask if Roenick is America’s answer to Don Cherry. Many people said the same about Brett Hull who even swapped places with Cherry during the Stanley Cup Final at one point. Hull had bigger aspirations besides broadcasting but with JR signing this deal, it appears that he’s content to be one of the top analysts in the States. That’s good news for hockey fans as it’s hard to find anyone who’s more passionate about hockey on TV besides Roenick.


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