The Full NHL Network US Preseason Schedule & A Modano Rumor

16 Sep

Nobody can ever accuse the folks at NHL Network of being efficient when it comes to releasing TV schedules, but they have finally released their full preseason schedule for NHLNUS. You can find a link to it here. The schedule includes all the various tape delayed games that I mentioned in some other posts. It’s a total of 32 games and there will be at least one game aired every single day from this Monday until Sunday, October 2nd. The full live schedule of 2011-12 NHL on NHL Network US games can be found here which also includes their slate of regular season games.

Unfortunately, NHL Network Canada did not release a full list of their preseason schedule but you can search through their programming schedule and find air times as they are all listed. Just make sure you choose the Canadian broadcast schedule as the US schedule is the default. It appears that NHLN Canada will not be airing any live preseason games but they will be airing encores of several games. NHLN Canada has not released any scheduling information for the regular season.

One other note is that NHL On The Fly will return on September 26 at 7 PM EST. As previously mentioned, NHL Live will return on Monday Sept. 19 at a new time of 5 PM EST.


Finally, rumor has it that hockey legend Mike Modano is headed for a job in the world of television. Modano just joined Twitter today so perhaps he’ll give us a heads up on there. An obvious guess would put him with the NBC Sports Group and Versus but NHL Network is looking to add talent too so who knows. Either way, his personality seems to be a great fit for television.

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