Roenick Stirs The Pot on Versus

12 Oct

The addition of Jeremy Roenick has added much needed life to a formerly mundane Versus studio. Previously, there were forced debates and very little passion from analysts. JR has changed all that. He went on a rant about Sidney Crosby and the media on last night’s edition of NHL Overtime.

While not on this video clip, Roenick went on to mock the Flyers signing of goalie Ilya Bryzgalov and he questioned whether Bryzgalov has had any success in the NHL.

Count me in as a supporter of Roenick’s comments with a slight caveat. Instead of JR ranting on Sid, he needed to focus his attention elsewhere. While it is important to cover Sid’s injury, the media tends to go overboard. If there’s nothing new to say, don’t wear out a topic to the point of people being tired of hearing about it. ESPN has a habit of doing this and the rest of the media has gone in that direction. While there was a silence over the summer, the drums have been pounding daily since training camp opened.

In some ways, fans are to blame. In our digital society, we demand constant updates even where there’s nothing new to say. The Crosby story fits that mold for the most part. And while plenty of people like myself may complain about the coverage, we still watch and click on links.

Whatever you think of the whole Crosby media thing it was entertaining TV. JR and Edzo went toe to toe all night long over various issues with Bill Patrick struggling to keep control. It was a nice change of pace for a network that’s largely shied away from loud voices.

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