FSN & DirecTV Launch PR Campaigns Ahead of Carriage Deadline

21 Oct

Fox Cable Networks and DirecTV have each launched PR campaigns as a carriage deadline approaches. The 19 Fox Sports Net regional networks are included in this battle. According to Broadcasting & Cable, the current deal ends on November 1. DirecTV CEO Mike White claims in a statement that Fox is asking for an exorbitant increase.

News Corp. “has demanded that DirecTV customers pay nearly 40% more for the same channels they already received. If a new deal is not reached, we will be forced to suspend the channels as early as Nov. 1.”

White adds that “we respectfully ask for your patience as we work to achieve a fair agreement as quickly as possible.”

The folks at Fox have rebutted DirecTV with a statement of their own.

“DirecTV sent us a proposal on Tuesday afternoon. They have given us no chance to respond before taking an unnecessarily aggressive posture and going public. It is disappointing that they have chosen bad faith tactics over meaningful negotiation.”

Fox says it has proposed to allow DirecTV to continue to carry its networks for the current price and terms while negotiations continue. “Unfortunately, DirecTV has decided that unless they get their way, they are going to pull the plug on their customers Nov. 1.”

So, now the public relations battle begins. Each side is setting up a website to help their cause. DirecTV has launched “Our Promise To You“, while Fox plans to launch a website later this afternoon,

This is the second carriage battle to occur in the last month that directly affects NHL fans. NHL Network was pulled off of AT&T U-Verse at the start of the month and is still off the air.


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6 responses to “FSN & DirecTV Launch PR Campaigns Ahead of Carriage Deadline

  1. william henson

    October 21, 2011 at 8:52 pm

    I’m already looking for either Dish, or Suddenlink if these channels disappear! in November.

  2. Damon

    October 22, 2011 at 2:59 am

    If the channels are removed from DirecTV, it won’t be good for their customers. I remember when my employer DISH Network was going through the carriage disputes for the FOX channels. It was a rough few months mainly because I love Sons of Anarchy and not being able to watch them was so frustrating, and I knew exactly how the customers were feeling. Luckily, DISH was able to settle on an agreement so that we won’t have to worry about any of these channels going away. I hope everything gets worked out for DirecTV!

    • paranoidpuck

      October 22, 2011 at 3:14 am

      In full disclosure, I’m one of those DirecTV customers. I’m quite conflicted as I hate to lose any of the Fox channels but Fox spends a fortune on sports rights and they look to the providers to make up for it. A perfect example is Fox winning the FIFA rights. That’s going to cost them big bucks and they want the providers and their customers to help foot the bill. If the media companies would stop overpaying for sports rights, they could help keep costs down for everybody.

  3. william

    October 22, 2011 at 8:08 pm

    i just switched from cable to Directv for more sports channels- this was 3 weeks ago- they never told me any of this– now i am locked in for 2 years and possibly going to lose the channels i switched for- I AM LIVID- i am done with Directv if they pull fox sports channels- they are completely fraudulent in their advertising, marketing, and business ethics- whatev!


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