NHL Europe Survey

31 Oct

As my time on the road continues, the posts here might be delayed the next week so please bear with me.

There is something important I wanna point out to my European readers. Markukleaf has created a survey for European NHL fans to take. The survey primarily deals with TV coverage. I urge everyone in Europe to take it. Mark has done a great job at keeping European fans updated. He’s been a real help to myself and has helped draw attention to the Euro TV issues.

Mark’s plan is to take the survey results to commissioner Gary Bettman. So, take some time to fill it out. It’s short and will help keep pressure on the league to fix this mess. There’s still plenty of people out there who can’t watch the NHL and they deserve a voice. This survey helps their cause and could help improve coverage down the road.

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Posted by on October 31, 2011 in NHL


One response to “NHL Europe Survey

  1. Steph_AK27

    November 2, 2011 at 5:43 pm

    ESPN America finally got the wrights for airing the NHL in European Countries (except UK and Scandinavia) …
    First broadcast, November 8th … Stars@Caps and Preds@Kings…


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