Leafs TV Airing Toronto Practices

15 Nov

It’s not likely to be much of a trend but James Mirtle has a story up, detailing how Leafs TV is now broadcasting home practices. Leave it to Toronto to come up with this but since Leafs TV always needs programming, this is a novel way to go about it. From the article –

Not that they show everything. Because Leafs TV is the broadcasting arm of the team, they adhere to the team’s wishes in terms of how much makes it to air.

Once practice ends, however, player interviews are broadcast mere minutes after being taped and coach Ron Wilson’s daily press conference is shown live. Analysts then break down what was said, much like they would between periods of a game.

It’s too early for any ratings data from the shows to be available, but Leafs TV host Paul Hendrick said Monday he feels it’s been a successful endeavour so far.

“It’s just an opportunity for programming,” Hendrick said. “There are guidelines with it and we’ve got to be careful that we don’t show too much. It’s not always easy.

“But Leafs fans have such an insatiable appetite. We’re just trying to feed it as best we can.”

In certain cities, NHL practices do draw large crowds. Some teams actively promote sessions on Twitter and on their sites, to encourage fans to watch. Televising practice takes it to a whole new level.


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