A Few Thoughts

16 Nov

I have a few thoughts of my mind on this Wednesday afternoon, so lets get to them.

  • The debate over Dave Feschuk contacting James Reimer’s mother is a good one. I can see both sides. Feschuk is just a journalist trying to get to the bottom of a story. The Leafs haven’t always been forthcoming about this situation so Feschuk needed to find a better source. It’s debatable whether he made the right choice but I can see why he did it. The fans want more info and Feschuk was trying to deliver.
  • What I don’t like about this debate is having people like Don Cherry chiming in on the subject. Cherry isn’t the best person to be talking about accountability. He’s constantly stereotyping and doesn’t hold back. Just on Saturday night, he felt the need to mention that a player “had no visor”, as if we couldn’t see that. It was hardly necessary but if Cherry feels the need to call out journalists, then perhaps he needs to hold himself a little more accountable with his silly comments.
  • How awesome is Kenny Albert? Albert is one of the busiest people in sports and he called Monday night’s NHL on Versus telecast. He’s great at whatever sport he’s calling and is always prepared. I’d love to see Albert call more games for Versus but he’s already insanely busy.
  • Versus had a very big Saturday. The Boise State/Texas Christian college football thriller drew over 1.2 million viewers. That’s the third largest viewership to ever watch a college game on Versus. It peaked at over 2.2 million viewers and the network was in the top 10 in key demos for the night. It just shows the strength of college football and why Versus really needs a big get in that department. It’s too bad they lost out on the Pac 12 since it leaves Versus with very few ways to grow.
  • Versus really lacks in the college basketball department. While the net airs football nearly every week, their basketball coverage is much more sporadic. The good news is that Versus is teaming up with HDNet to air the Battle 4 Atlantis tournament on Thanksgiving weekend. It’s not much, but it’s a start since there are some decent teams involved. Versus is also adding to its action sports programming as much of the Dew Tour will be moving to the channel from Speed and Fuel TV.
  • Versus has also capitalized on Bob Costas’ interview with Jerry Sandusky as they re-aired the interview in its entirety and Costas made an appearance on NBC SportsTalk. A very smart move and I look forward to seeing more of Costas on the network with his new monthly shows this spring.
  • It was good to see Neil Smith back on NHL On the Fly last week. Smith can be sorta odd in how he communicates, but he’s a pretty good analyst. I’d like to see him on more often but he’s pretty busy as the GM of the ECHL’s Greenville Road Warriors.

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