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NHL Hypes Regional Ratings

This is a huge press release from the NHL, detailing various business and broadcasting numbers. I will post the full release after the jump. But first, I’m going to highlight some of the regional ratings that are included since much of the other information mentioned is dated and already known –

First Quarter Filled With TV Ratings Highlights

Eleven local Regional Sports Networks experienced double- and triple-digit growth, including:

• Nashville (+200 percent)
• Carolina (+125 percent)
• Florida (+100 percent)
• Tampa Bay (+71 percent)
• Philadelphia (+60 percent)
• Boston (+57 percent)
• Minnesota (+53 percent)
• San Jose (+44 percent)
• Buffalo (+26 percent)
• Edmonton (+21 percent)
• New York Rangers (+14 percent)

There’s some huge bumps in there, but keep in mind that for many of the Southern teams, ratings couldn’t go much lower. In the case of the Predators, their local ratings are rarely published, so we don’t know where they previously ranked on the totem pole. Clearly, Florida is seeing a boost from their strong start but they have a long ways to go when it comes to being respectable ratings wise. It will be interesting to see if Carolina can continue that momentum since they have been struggling on the ice. A quick update. The Carolina and Nashville ratings include the Atlanta market for the first time. This helps explain their jumps a little bit. Either way, its good to see more people tuning in. Thanks to Dirk Hoag at On the Forecheck for the info.

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RIP Wade Belak

The death of longtime NHLer Wade Belak comes as a huge shock. It comes at a time after two NHL enforcers passed away and just as a documentary about NHL fighters gets ready for its premiere. His death is sure to send shockwaves through the hockey world and it’s likely that the hockey media will be all over this and the issues involving enforcers and fighting in the game.

While most people know Belak from his playing days, he was also becoming a prominent media personality. Belak was a favorite interviewer during his playing days and he parlayed that into his own series and radio talk show. While he was a Toronto Maple Leaf, Belak had his own segment on Leafs TV. He was also famous for a series of spoofs with Rogers Sportsnet reporter Greg Ross. This later led to his own short form series on the BiteTV cable channel and website called The Wade Belak Show. Belak would also become popular as a Nashville Predator and became a regular guest on several radio shows. He guested as an NHL Network analyst during the 2011 playoffs. Just this past week, Belak debuted on new Nashville sports radio station WPRT-FM 102.5 The Game. He was to host his own one hour show weekdays at 9 PM. He was recently named to be a part of the cast for the new season of CBC’s Battle of the Blades. He was also slated to be a sideline reporter during Predator broadcasts. My condolences go out to Belak’s family, friends and fans. The following is a video from his BiteTV program.

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Central Division TV Season in Review

Yesterday, I started my season reviews of each team’s broadcasts. I started with the Southeast Division, and today, I’ll be reviewing the Central Division. The Central features some of the best broadcasts and the worse. It’s as stark a contrast on the air as it is on the ice.

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