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Bob Cole Is Being Driven Nuts By Sens French PBP Guy

Those of us with NHL Center Ice and DirecTV are being treated to something pretty unique tonight. DirecTV is relying on a wild feed for the Montreal Canadiens/Ottawa Senators matchup. That feed allows the viewer to listen in to the broadcasters during commercials, etc. Normally, DirecTV inserts their own ads on wild feeds since over the air ads aren’t shown on them. Its pretty rare for wild feeds to be shown on Center Ice and its even rarer for a CBC one to show up.

For whatever reason, for the first 35 minutes of tonight’s telecast, DirecTV allowed the whole thing to go over the air. The first gem of the night came when Bob Cole and Garry Galley first sat down in the booth. After Galley asked Cole how he was doing, Bob responded with a rather sad sounding “I’ve had better nights.” Galley then tried to make him positive, telling him the game hadn’t even started yet. Cole was clearly in a sour mood as he later uttered this –

Yes, that’s Hockey Night in Canada legend Bob Cole complaining about a fellow broadcaster. And it would appear that his beef is with Nicholas St.-Pierre. St-Pierre calls Sens games with Alain Sanscartier on CKOI. Sadly, right after Cole’s comment, DirecTV started inserting some ads during the TV timeouts. At least we got to hear this as its now a crapshoot as to whether we get to eavesdrop or not. It was fun while it lasted.

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Ratings Update

I haven’t posted much when it comes to weekly ratings lately so I’m past due.

These Canadian BBM Ratings are sourced from The Remote Control Blog.


TSN WJC Pregame 905,000
TSN Finland/Canada 2,210,000


Sportsnet Ontario Toronto @ Florida 813,000


TSN WJC Pregame 812,000
TSN Czech Republic/Canada 2,484,000
TSN Vancouver @ San Jose 931,000


TSN WJC Pregame 883,000
TSN Denmark/Canada 1,829,000


TSN USA/Czech Republic 684,000


CBC Winter Classic Alumni 416,000
CBC Regional 7 PM (Tor/Wpg, Mtl/Fla) 1,595,000
CBC Vancouver @ Los Angeles 760,000
TSN WJC Pregame 831,000
TSN USA/Canada 2,718,000


The Voice of TV has a complete recap of Versus ratings from November 28-December 14. The high for that period was Philadelphia/Buffalo (585k, 12/7) while the low was San Jose/Colorado (193k, 12/13).

Puck The Media has some numbers courtesy of TVSportsratings on Twitter. The debut NBC Sports Network game featuring San Jose @ Vancouver drew a respectable 267,000. Considering that it went up against the Fiesta Bowl and featured a Canadian club, that’s not too bad. It was also a season high for a game that featured the Sharks. Other games from earlier drew similar numbers. Dallas/St. Louis (270k, 12/26) and NY Rangers/Washington (327k, 12/28) had to be slight disappointments since both games were exclusive telecasts.


CBC Draws Just Over 1 Mil For Winter Classic

From CBC/Canadian Press –

The CBC drew a modest 1.13 million viewers for Monday’s NHL Winter Classic that saw the New York Rangers defeat the Philadelphia Flyers 3-2.

The league’s marque regular-season game, usually played on Jan. 1, was pushed back a day this year and had its start time delayed by two hours due to weather conditions.

Last year’s Winter Classic drew an audience of 1.9 million viewers on CBC, but the game between the Capitals and Penguins was moved to prime time because of bad weather in Pittsburgh.

By comparison, CBC combined to attract 2.38 million viewers for three simultaneous games played Dec. 17 between Vancouver and Toronto, New Jersey and Montreal, and Anaheim and Winnipeg.

A doubleheader that featured the Canucks visiting Ottawa and Detroit hosting the Jets drew a combined 1.59 million viewers on Dec. 10.

Game 7 of last season’s Stanley Cup final between Boston and Vancouver drew an average audience of 8.76 million and a peak of 11.2 million on CBC. The introduction of a new ratings measurement system in 2009 has seen sports TV ratings skyrocket.

One thing to note is that last year’s game was part of regional coverage on CBC as the game’s telecast was truncated. Toronto/Ottawa were shown in Ontario, while the telecast was cut short in Alberta to show Edmonton/Calgary.

A better comparison is to look at how the WC did the last few times it aired in the afternoon.

2008 Pittsburgh/Buffalo 1,170,000
2009 Chicago/Detroit 930,000
2010 Philadelphia/Boston 1,616,000
2012 Philadelphia/NY Rangers 1,130,000

Overall, not too bad. A slight decline but it still beats 2009. Of course, there was also some overlap with WJC coverage over on TSN. That might impact the numbers. These CBC ratings are pretty much on par with what many of the late games draw on Hockey Night in Canada.

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Hockey Producer Doug Sellars Dies

Here’s some sad news. Longtime hockey producer and sports television executive Doug Sellars has died. Sellars had been ill for a little while, and if you’ve watched any Fox Sports Net telecast over the past few days, you probably heard the broadcasters mention him and his illness.

From a CBC press release –

The world of sports broadcasting has lost one of its finest and most talented leaders. Doug Sellers passed on Friday and his extended CBC family is mourning the loss.

“While unfortunately I didn’t know Doug personally, I understand he had a wonderful disposition, and his calm and kind way made him a gifted leader, respected by everyone who had the pleasure of working for him. On behalf of Doug’s many friends at CBC, I extend our deepest sympathy and condolences to his family,” said Kirstine Stewart, Executive Vice-President, English Services, CBC.

Doug began his career at CBC in 1985 working on Hockey Night in Canada.

Two years on, he produced the Grey Cup Game at just 27 years of age. In 1989, Doug was promoted to Head of Sports Production, where he oversaw all CBC Sports properties, including several Olympic Games and two Commonwealth Games. A multiple Gemini Award-winner, Doug went on from CBC to Fox Sports, where he worked his way up to Executive Vice-President, Fox Sports Media Group.

Sellars joined FSN in 2000 and was in charge of all production for the various sports networks under the FSN umbrella. In August 2011, Sellars was promoted to EVP of Fox Sports. This expanded role put Sellars in charge of production for all of Fox Sports’ programming. Sellars regularly made it onto The Hockey News’ most powerful people in hockey list. While Sellars wasn’t on this year’s list, he was ranked as high as number 32 in 2006. Condolences go out to his friends and family.

(editors note: The original CBC press release misspelled Doug’s last name as you see from the above quote. They sent out a correct release this afternoon. Apparently this misspelling is common so I have decided to leave it uncorrected due to many people searching for info using that spelling)


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Thoughts On NHL Tonight and Other Stuff…

It has been awhile since I did an opinion piece in bullet form, so the time has come for one.

  • The much ballyhooed NHL Tonight made its debut last night. It had its new soundtrack and modern looking intro. Besides that though, nothing really changed from NHL On The Fly: Final. It was basically a flashier version of OTF. I was concerned about that, and indeed it seems like NHLN is just trying to update its image and use the vaunted program name to grab some eyeballs.
  • Now, not everything was bad about it. The show moved fast and it was updated throughout the night. Kevin Weekes and Billy Jaffe were solid as always and David Amber kept things lively. But let’s face it, fans were expecting something new, and this didn’t cut it. They did use the actual calls on some highlights and I’d still like them to do that during all game packages. But the graphics and style were stale which was a bit of a disappointment on its first night.
  • The good news is that as I mentioned before, there is new programming on the way. This will be slowly rolled out and should go full speed once NHLN gets its new studios in Stamford. Their Winter Classic coverage should be interesting although I’m not a fan of then cutting off TSN’s WJC intermissions to go to Philadelphia as they plan on doing. TSN is number one and NHLN should be showcasing them, not hyping the league’s special event.
  • Going back to the WJC, I thought NHLN did a decent job of covering the blowout by USA over Denmark. The new graphics looked pretty good and I’d like to see them in use during NHL games. Matt Rosen was solid although I’d prefer to see Gary Thorne or JP Dellacamera come back to the mic. I like Dave Starman, I think he’s very knowledgable and is one of the top college analysts. Rob Simpson was as good as one can be in a rather thankless reporter role. I’d still prefer TSN’s coverage but I understand the want of USA Hockey to have their own cheerleaders.
  • Moving on to CBC, Canadian Sports Media Blog has the news that Nabil Karim has moved on to join TSN. This comes at a bad time for the CBC as Mike Milbury is only expected to make sporadic appearances from here on out as NBC starts ramping up their NHL coverage. CBC has been decimated with departures over the past year and this makes it worse. Karim wasn’t an essential part of the HNIC team but he was important when it comes to their digital strategy.
  • Milbury’s move leaves a much larger hole, no matter how you feel about him. They could move Glenn Healy to the studio and try someone else between the benches. Both Greg Millen and Cassie Campbell have done it before. Or they can go down to two analysts as the main desk as they did before. Less chatter might be a good thing. And of course, they could go the TSN route and find themselves an ex-coach to join the network. Either way, CBC is lacking in the personnel department compared to where they stood many years ago.

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Milbury Case Dismissed

Via The Boston Herald –

Ex-Bruin Mike Milbury will not face any charges and his case over an alleged confrontation in Brookline with a boy following a peewee hockey game earlier this month has been thrown out.

Milbury’s legal team announced this afternoon that a clerk magistrate at Brookline District Court has ruled there is not enough evidence to move ahead in the case.

Milbury addressed the media right after saying the incident was just “an unfortunate misunderstanding.”

When asked when he will be back on the air as a hockey analyst, Milbury said he was saving his voice for “Christmas caroling.”

His attorney, Mark Berthiaume, said the magistrate ruled there was no probable cause to take the next step in court.

“Mike and his family are are happy to move on,” said Berthiaume. “Mike will be returning to work on the air very, very soon.”

The parents of the alleged victim have left court refusing to speak to the press. Their attorney, John Burke, said the parents are “disappointed” in the ruling.

“They are concerned about the message this sends because they believe that their son was assaulted,” he added.

Milbury is expected to be back in usual spots on TV as a result of this decision.

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Canada Ratings Update

Here’s an update on NHL ratings from Canada. These BBM ratings are sourced from The Remote Control Blog and BBM Canada.


CBC 1 PM Montreal @ New Jersey 573,000
RDS 1 PM Montreal @ New Jersey 727,000
CBC 7 PM Regional (Van/Ott,Wpg/Det) 1,592,000
CBC 10 PM Calgary @ Edmonton 1,136,000


Sportsnet Ontario Carolina @ Toronto 746,000


TSN Boston @ Ottawa 519,000


TSN Philadelphia @ Montreal 548,000


CBC 7 PM Regional (Van@Tor, Ana@Wpg, NJ@Mtl) 2,382,000
CBC 10 PM Edmonton @ San Jose 797,000

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